NY Times Mini Crossword September 11 2021 Answers


Here are the answers to NY Times Mini Crossword Saturday September 11, 2021
“The White Lotus” airer – HBO
Sink in the middle – SAG
Children – KID
When doubled, enthusiastic – RAH
Way of voting not in person – ABSENTEE
Game show with a hosting controversy – JEOPARDY
Picture that develops before your eyes – POLAROID
Apple desktop computer – IMAC
Words of emphatic agreement – GODYES
Put up with – ABIDED
Vowel sound in “big” and “rig” – SHORTI
List in order of preference – RANK
Suffix with land, moon and hell – SCAPE
Rain boot – GALOSH
Single-celled organism – AMOEBA
Container on a coffee shop counter – TIPJAR


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