Universal Crossword Answers – Wednesday December 1 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Wednesday December 1 2021.
“Hard ___!” (“That’s a big no!”) – PASS
“Let It Go” singer in “Frozen” – ELSA
“My bad,” formally – MEACULPA
“Silly me!” – DUH
Aligns – TRUES
Alphabetically last four-letter state – UTAH
App downloader – USER
Archaeological find – RELIC
Baby sparrow’s home – NEST
Be an omen of – BODE
Brazilian berry – ACAI
Cancel, as a command – UNDO
City whose name aptly anagrams to “Arabs” – BASRA
Coleman of “Diff’rent Strokes” – GARY
Cooped (up) – PENT
Cosmologist Sagan – CARL
Dec. hours in Boston – EST
Decorative pillow cover – SHAM
Digits to wrestle – THUMBS
Dispatched, as a giant – SLEW
Doesn’t get badly injured – ISOK
Emperor who watched Rome burn – NERO
Family that Goldilocks annoyed, literally? – BEARSBEARSBEARS
Filleted flatfish – SOLE
Foal’s father – SIRE
Friendly talk – CHAT
He lived in Eden – ADAM
Hello, in Honolulu – ALOHA
How some software is stored – ONCD
Ilhan in the House – OMAR
L, on a shirt tag – LARGE
Lacking – SANS
Like “It” but not “Big” – RATEDR
Like every Shakespeare play, literally? – ACTACTACTACTACT
Linearity, literally? – DIMENSIONALITY
Llama’s relative – ALPACA
Mail opening – SLOT
Maneuvered a curling broom – SWEPT
Mature like a plum – RIPEN
Middle of IOU – OWE
Mister, in Italian – SIGNOR
Muscat’s country – OMAN
Nail the midterm – ACEIT
Nighttime bugle call – TAPS
Off-road transport, briefly – ATV
One may write an ode – POET
Paint-and-sip class fixture – EASEL
Partner of “crafts” – ARTS
Pine, e.g., for air freshener – SCENT
Pirate’s “Stop!” – AVAST
Place to stick a feather – CAP
Pocket place – HIP
Prada products – BAGS
Pronoun for Maya Angelou – SHE
Russian range or river – URAL
San Jose Sharks and New York Jets – TEAMS
Single-serving coffee pod – KCUP
Slender stinger – WASP
Soda with a lemon-lime flavor, literally? – UPUPUPUPUPUPUP
Spoken – ORAL
Stereo alternative – MONO
Titration setting – LAB
Traffic control grp.? – DEA
When repeated, a Hawaiian fish – MAHI
Where to go for a dip – POOL
Where to go for a dip? – SALSABAR
Wobbly dish – ASPIC
Word with “funny” or “monkey” – BUSINESS
Words on a treehouse door, perhaps – NOADULTS
Work ___ (employee’s principle) – ETHIC
Working hard – ATIT
Zippo – NADA
___ and shine – RISE
___Pen – EPI


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