USA Today Crossword Answers – Monday December 13 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Monday December 13 2021.
‘I see your point’ – FAIRENOUGH
‘No thanks’ – NAH
‘You’re gonna need to find someone else’ – SORRYIMOUT
‘___ Lisa’ – MONA
‘___’s Groove’ (Earth, Wind & Fire hit) – LET
Aid for a bike trip – GPS
Angry stare – GLARE
Approves – OKAYS
Asana used for resting – CHILDSPOSE
Boston hoopers, for short – CELTS
Brunch or supper – MEAL
Camping shelter – TENT
College degree with two specializations – DOUBLEMAJOR
Crystallographer’s image – XRAY
Decisive victory – ROUT
Deodorant option – GEL
Detach rope after a lead climbing route – UNCLIP
Domesticated – TAME
Eat into – ERODE
Era – AGE
Event a shy person might dread – PARTY
Every bit – ALL
Explosive letters – TNT
Finish up – END
Flirted over Twitter, maybe – DMED
Fourth planet mentioned in ‘Interplanet Janet’ – MARS
French ‘yes’ – OUI
Genetic messenger – RNA
Greek eggplant casserole – MOUSSAKA
Hawaiian for ‘mountain’ – MAUNA
Holiday donations – TOYS
How T-zone skin might get – OILY
Leave full – SATE
Like one, three and five – ODD
Lotion additive – ALOE
Mailed out – SENT
Mountain lion – PUMA
Mozz sticks and cauliflower wings, for example – APPS
Observe Salah – PRAY
Opposite of 13-Across – WILD
Outer limit – EDGE
Pair who might exemplify #relationshipgoals – POWERCOUPLE
Part of the 15th letter of the Spanish alphabet – TILDE
Period cramp feeling – PANG
Phrase aptly found in ‘hormone’ – ONE
Princess whose alter ego is Sheik – ZELDA
Prize for Timo Boll – MEDAL
Puts in a safe place – STOWS
Regret – RUE
Rollaway bed – COT
Santa ___ Pueblo – ANA
Saturated ___ – FAT
Seemingly forever – EONS
Self-satisfied – SMUG
Slightly open – AJAR
Smallest chess piece – PAWN
Softball refs – UMPS
Spanish ‘to be’ – SER
Split-screen social media video – TIKTOKDUET
Sturdy trees – OAKS
Sword for a Jedi – SABER
The ‘Odyssey’ is one – EPIC
The P in PTO – PAID
This moment – NOW
Triage places – ERS
Truth or ___ – DARE
Twists eaten with mustard or cheese – PRETZELS
Unseen ‘Bambi’ villain – MAN
Vi Redd’s instrument – SAX
Vivian Banks, to Carlton Banks – MOM
Vivian Banks, to the Fresh Prince – AUNT
Warning taped to a pillow fort – GOAWAY
Wasn’t overturned – STOOD
Word before ‘friendly’ or ‘base’ – USER
Work on a scarf – KNIT
www.bxscience.___ – EDU
Your and my – OUR
___ out (chill) – HANG


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