NY Times Mini Crossword January 8 2022 Answers


Here are the answers to NY Times Mini Crossword Saturday January 8, 2022
“And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and ___ …” (lyric from “American Pie”) – RYE
Great thinkers – SAGES
Takes care of – SEESTO
If nothing else – ATLEAST
Summer hrs. in N.Y.C. – EDT
Country that contains the westernmost point of mainland Africa – SENEGAL
He flew too close to the sun – ICARUS
Windshield cleaner – WIPER
Allow – LET
2020 #1 hit for Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj – SAYSOO
Nickelodeon series about toddlers – RUGRATS
Opposite of WNW – ESE
Before, in poetry – ERE
Clothing part that can be cuffed – PANTLEG
Lemonade + ___ = Arnold Palmer – ICEDTEA
Smart aleck – WISEASS


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