USA Today Crossword Answers – Thursday July 22 2021


Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Thursday July 22 2021.
‘Akeelah and the ___’ – BEE
‘Better late ___ never’ – THAN
‘Citizen’ author Claudia – RANKINE
‘Crown: An ___ to the Fresh Cut’ – ODE
‘I expected better from you!’ – TSK
‘I’m Coming Out’ singer Ross – DIANA
‘My turn!’ – IMUP
‘OMG, that’s a lot for me’ – ICANNOT
‘That bites’ – DANG
‘___ estas?’ – COMO
Acid – LSD
Ages and ages – EONS
Ancient Egyptian ruler – PHARAOH
Annoy – IRK
Appliance at a bakery – OVEN
Assigned work to – TASKED
Awards show slights – SNUBS
Biblical song – PSALM
Big deer – ELK
Brags – BOASTS
Car-radio button – PRESET
Cards that are high or low in blackjack – ACES
Circle dance performed at some Jewish weddings – HORA
Colorful pond fish – KOI
Complete stranger – RANDO
Crumb-carrying insect – ANT
Difficult – HARD
Droop – WILT
Droopy-eared dog – BASSETHOUND
End of a kite – TAIL
Fights authority – REBELS
Follower of Jah – RASTA
Former WNBA coach Donovan – ANNE
G, D and E, at guitar lessons – CHORDS
Game in which certain words are off-limits – TABOO
Having sharp corners – ANGULAR
Hide in the shadows – LURK
Increase – RISE
Indigenous people for whom two U.S. states are named – DAKOTA
It might be circled on a calendar – BIGDAY
It might open a lock – KEY
King with a golden touch – MIDAS
Large back teeth – MOLARS
Leave fur everywhere – SHED
Lip balm brand – EOS
Make and serve drinks – BARTEND
Moving day vehicle – VAN
Ms. Foundation for Women CEO Younger – TERESA
Nez Perce and Cherokee Nation, e.g – TRIBES
Old-fashioned ale holders – FLAGONS
Opposite of on – OFF
Organization such as Free the 350 – BAILFUND
Person who prefers their own company – LONER
Playing field in ‘The Sandlot’ – BASEBALLDIAMOND
Professor’s talk – LECTURE
River in Indiana – WABASH
Single-stranded molecule – RNA
Slugger’s opportunity – ATBAT
Spanish for ‘aunt’ – TIA
Spice Girl ___ B – MEL
Stand the test of time – ENDURE
Steamed bun – BAO
Successors – HEIRS
Thailand’s former name – SIAM
Throw away – TOSS
Truly love – ADORE
Undergrad degrees – BAS
Untruthful person – LIAR
Valuable quality – ASSET
What The Grinch put on his dog to disguise him as a reindeer – ANTLERS
Wise-sounding herbal drink – SAGETEA
Word after ‘many moons’ – AGO
Yoga or gymnastics move – BACKBEND
Zones – AREAS


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