Universal Crossword Answers – `Friday October 15 2021


Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Friday October 15 2021.
“… but I could be mistaken” – ORNOT
“And ___ what?” – THEN
“As if!” – PFFT
“Butter” nut – PECAN
“Fancy seeing you here!” – OHHI
“Full Frontal” airer – TBS
“Gay” city in a Cole Porter tune – PAREE
“Grammar” is a common one – NOUN
“Take your ___” – PICK
“___ and the Real Girl” (2007 film) – LARS
“___ now or never” – ITS
(Not my error) – SIC
*1986 hit about a woman wearing a colorful dress – THELADYINRED
*Sport that may involve clearing gates – HORSEBACKRIDING
*Substantially – MORETHANALITTLE
*Where a mechanic often works – UNDERTHEHOOD
1992 Cy Young Award winner and AL MVP – DENNISECKERSLEY
Acreage, e.g – AREA
Actor Hill of “The West Wing” – DULE
Alamo alternative – AVIS
Auden’s “___ to the Medieval Poets” – ODE
B&B relative – INN
Basra’s country – IRAQ
Blanket that isn’t warm? – SNOW
Body scan: Abbr – MRI
Bronx MLB team, on scoreboards – NYY
Casual living space? – DIGS
Come down in buckets – POUR
Comes to light – ARISES
Compete – VIE
Dizzying MoMA works – OPART
DMV animal in “Zootopia” – SLOTH
Feminine pronoun – SHE
First and last meals together, maybe? – BADDATES
Gallon fractions – QUARTS
Give the slip – ELUDE
Green spots in deserts – OASES
Grimm fate? … and a hint to the last words of the starred clues’ answers – FAIRYTALEENDING
High hairstyle – UPDO
Highest digit in Sudoku puzzles, typically – NINE
Home (in on) – ZERO
Hubbub – ADO
Hybrids, e.g – AUTOS
Kind of milk or sauce – SOY
Lights’ counterparts, on laundry night – DARKS
Like Monty Python – ZANY
Lowest digits in Sudoku puzzles – ONES
Magenta or mauve – HUE
Mythical weeper – NIOBE
Neglects to mention – OMITS
Nest egg letters – IRA
Paradise in Genesis – EDEN
Pass with flying colors – ACE
Played a role – ACTED
Poor grade – DEE
Prefix for “loyal” – DIS
Preschooler’s downtime – NAP
Radiate – EMIT
Rage – IRE
Rainy – WET
Reproachful sounds – TSKS
Seedy tropical fruit – PAPAYA
Small batteries – AAAS
Small cuts from shavers – NICKS
Take cover – HIDE
Taproom barrels – KEGS
Tegan and Sara, e.g – DUO
Things for catching or cooking lobsters – POTS
Tiny bit, in recipes – DASH
Tug – YANK
Vaccine administrator, often – NURSE
Vehicle that soaks up the sun – SOLARCAR
Waiting to be picked up? – UNTIDY
You may like one on Instagram – POST
You, in the Bible – THEE
___-checker – FACT


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